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What is the purpose of a PEEP Plan?

A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan, known as a PEEP plan, is a bespoke escape plan for anyone who may have difficulties reaching a place of safety unaided in the event of an emergency. The vital question determining whether someone needs a PEEP plan is, “Can you evacuate a building unaided in a reasonably prompt manner during an emergency?” If the answer to this is “NO”, then PEEP will likely be needed for that person.

If you know anyone with a disability that may struggle to escape a building in an emergency, this guide could help you plan a route of escape to keep them safe.

Who needs a PEEP plan?

PEEPs may be required for any staff, students, or visitors to a premise that may have one or more of the following conditions:

  • Mobility conditions
  • Sight conditions
  • Hearing conditions
  • Neurodiverse or mental health conditions

Other circumstances that may affect a person’s ability to evacuate in an emergency could include people with underlying health concerns, who are pregnant, or have a short-term injury, such as a broken leg.

When a potential need for a PEEP is identified, your line manager, Head of Department or Human Resources Contact should work with you to complete the PEEP standard form.

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Rehearse and distribute the PEEP plan

The PEEP plans must be physically checked to ensure that they are appropriate and meet the needs of the individual covered by the plan. A physical check or evacuation rehearsal should be carried out to ensure suitable arrangements.

Things that should be checked include:

  • The location of others.
  • Availability of emergency voice communication systems.
  • Mobile phone signal, which is relied upon to contact security.
  • Physical features of the building.

This is to stop any unforeseen barriers and aid everyone to a safe location.

The PEEP should only be finalised and confirmed when satisfactory arrangements are in place. As relevant, copies of the PEEP should be distributed to each person listed on the PEEP Standard Assessment Form.

The General Data Protection Regulations cover any information collected on a PEEP plan. The information on a PEEP plan should not be shared more widely than necessary.

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