Replacement windows and doors supplied for Kenrick House

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Eurocell uPVC casement windows

What’s an acceptable U-value for windows to comply with Building Regulations?

U-values measure the insulating capacity of a material. Sometimes referred to as thermal transmittance, U-values are used across the building industry to ensure that all new buildings and new installations... Read more

One of our manufacturers working on our products

How committing to lean manufacturing principles has led to success for Shelforce

Lean manufacturing has its origins in the Japanese manufacturing industry. It is a systematic method that is designed to minimise waste without sacrificing productivity. For several years, we’ve been streamlining... Read more

Coloured uPVC casement windows

Is epilepsy a disability?

The Equality Act 2010 recognises most forms of epilepsy as a disability, even when someone’s seizures are controlled, or a person doesn’t consider themselves as ‘disabled’. What is epilepsy? Recently... Read more

Black composite door in our product showroom

Is diabetes a disability?

The Equality Act 2010 identifies diabetes as an ‘unseen disability.’ Diabetes has two main types, with 4.7 million people in the UK living with this lifelong condition (diagnosed and undiagnosed).... Read more

Commercial glazing for large high rise multi-storey building

Is autism a disability?

Recognised under the Equality Act 2010, autism is considered a disability as it is a lifelong condition that affects how people interact and communicate with others. Varying in severity from... Read more

New build property with casement windows in grey PVCu

Is dyslexia a disability?

As a recognised difficulty under the Equality Act 2010, dyslexia can be a disability. However, this depends on whether its severity has a substantial adverse effect on the person's normal... Read more

PVCu window profile with lead detail on glazing

Is depression a disability?

Defined under the Equality Act 2010, depression is considered a disability if it has a long-term effect on normal day-to-day activities; where ‘long-term’ is deemed as lasting, or likely to... Read more

Replacement windows and doors supplied for Kenrick House

Is Fibromyalgia a disability?

The Department for Work and Pensions currently recognises fibromyalgia as a potentially disabling condition. Under the definition of the Equality Act 2010, several court cases have also recognised that fibromyalgia... Read more

Social housing highrise UPVC casements

Shelforce boss backs Leaders pledge to make people proud of social housing

Prime Minister Theresa May’s recent pledge to make sure residents are proud to call social housing their home has been backed by the General Manager of a Birmingham-based PVCu window... Read more

Workers manufacturing uPVC frame

Shelforce manager flies the flag for inclusivity at major conference

The General Manager of a local window and door manufacturer has been flying the flag for inclusivity in the workplace at a recent major conference for the industry. Birmingham-based Shelforce... Read more