Worker cutting glass down to size for PVCu windows

Lean Manufacturing

Minimising waste without sacrificing productivity

Our very own version of a lean manufacturing method has successfully streamlined our trade window and door manufacturing processes, with impressive and uplifting results.

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What is Lean Manufacturing?

Renowned for innovation in the workplace, it’s of no surprise that lean manufacturing methodology (or lean production) originates from the East Asian island of Japan. It is a precise and logical method, focusing on the minimisation of waste within a manufacturing setup that maximises productivity instead of sacrificing it.

Over the last 3 years, we have put the following principles into practise with spectacular results.

Production Efficiency Increased By 759%

We have improved the productivity of the Shelforce trade factory environment, by:

1. Reducing the number of factory units, from 3 to 2

2. Enhancing the factory layout, by making essential machinery easier and quicker to access

By enhancing the layout of the trade factory, the ripple effect has been:

  • Less time wasted; reduced lead times
  • Reduced overheads
  • Access to a wider selection of customers
Productivity in a book
A worker testing one of our composite doors to ensure it meets standards

Supply Chain Costs Reduced By 15%

Without affecting efficiency, we have revised our supply chain for our commercial window and door process by:

1. Improvements to space utilisation

2. Using multiple suppliers

3. Increasing transparency

By reducing supply chain costs by 15%, the ripple effect has been:

  • Sales revenues have increased by 323%
  • Re-established the reputation of Shelforce to supply and complete
  • A boost to team morale; creating a diverse, hardworking and motivated team of individuals
  • Continued to challenge and change perceptions of disability

Shelforce; productively evolving to forge a lasting legacy.

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Case Studies

Modular Home

20th April 2020

Shelforce manufactured and supplied new aluminium windows for Birmingham's first modular home

ModPod home

Property Refurbishment

25th October 2017

Shelforce supplied new windows for 1000 council properties in Birmingham

New upvc windows for Birmingham City Council project

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