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What is a good career for someone with Asperger’s?

There is a saying that there is a job out there for everyone, arguably this could be true. However, what if you or a close family member or friend, have a specific way of learning or thinking? If you know someone with Asperger’s or Autism, our blog on a good career for someone with Asperger’s could help.

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What is Asperger’s and how does it affect daily life?

Asperger’s syndrome was first introduced to society in the 1980’s. People with Asperger’s experience the world in a different way, with some finding the world totally overwhelming. People with Asperger’s often find it difficult to read other people’s emotions, such as happiness or anger. This can make interacting with the public challenging. Many people with Asperger’s find noise and light difficult to deal with as well. Whilst the condition differs between individuals, many people with Asperger’s have above average intelligence.

Which jobs are suited for someone with Asperger’s?

A large proportion of people with Asperger’s need a well-established regime in their everyday life. Quite simply, structure helps them cope with their day. Careers that offer a strict working pattern process and a clear end goal are ideally suited for someone with Asperger’s. A calm working environment is essential too. Careers to avoid would-be high-pressure customer facing positions, such as retail, restaurant or bar work.


Accountancy is an ideal choice for the mathematical mind

The act of preparing and analysing a set of financial accounts could be perfect for someone with Asperger’s. At entry level, direct contact with clients would be limited, meaning there wouldn’t be an emphasis on face-to-face contact. Traditionally, accountancy offices are quiet places too, so noise overload issues wouldn’t be a problem either. However, it goes without saying that a high degree of mathematical competency is needed for this position.

Computer technology provides a wide range of options

Likewise, a career in computing could be equally as ideal. Without a doubt, the often-repetitive nature of data entry of computer programming is ideally suited to an Asperger’s mind. Many people with Asperger’s have an incredible eye for detail and can easily spot errors, again, making them perfect for this field of work.

Double-glazing construction industry provides a wealth of opportunities

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With an obvious end product and clearly defined process in place, the construction industry can also be a perfect career. There are countless opportunities within the construction industry, however, not all would be suitable for someone with Asperger’s. Steer away from busy, noisy and sometimes highly pressured construction sites, such as new builds. Instead, consider a career with a quieter operational environment. Indeed, why not consider the double-glazing construction industry? High end professional companies, such as Shelforce, celebrate diversity and have a clear culture based on empowering the workforce. With robust systems in place to ensure every employee is motivated and successful, what could be better?

Inclusive employment empowering adults of all abilities

At Shelforce, we are proud to be a leading company that actively works to remove the barriers that stop many amazing adults from entering the workforce. So, if you or someone you know is looking for a worthwhile career in the double-glazing industry, contact the Shelforce team today.

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