Replacement windows and doors supplied for Kenrick House

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One of our efficient team member working on a frame

What is the purpose of a PEEP Plan?

A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan, known as a PEEP plan, is a bespoke escape plan for anyone who may have difficulties reaching a place of safety unaided in the event... Read more


5 Reasons to Change Fire Door Suppliers (& choose us!)

As awareness grows about fire doors following the Grenfell tragedy, many local authorities, housing associations, contractors, construction companies and installers are looking for internal and external FD30 and FD60 fire... Read more

Birmingham view from high up with BT tower

Birmingham crowned the UK’s first Compassionate City

Have you heard? Earlier this year, Birmingham became the UK's first accredited Compassionate City! Recognised for putting kindness and compassion at the heart of communities, Birmingham has gained this extraordinary... Read more

Eurocell uPVC casement windows

When should uPVC windows be replaced? 10 tell-tale signs to look out for

Durable, efficient, low maintenance, and versatile, uPVC has been a popular window material in Britain since the late 1980s. Widely used in both residential and commercial improvement projects throughout Birmingham,... Read more

New build properties on Gladstone Street on which we supplied windows and doors

Are building regs changing?

Paving the way towards net-zero CO2 targets by 2050, as of Wednesday 15th June 2022, building regulations in England are changing. So, whether you’re a homeowner, trade installer, architect, or... Read more

Yellow flames

7 top fire safety tips for the workplace

No matter the type of setting it's for, an effective fire safety strategy should always centre around the maxim 'prevention is better than cure'. The consequences of a fire are... Read more

Sustainably sourced aluminium windows and doors

How sustainable are your fire door products?

As champions of inclusivity in the workplace, creating sustainable homes in Birmingham and the surrounding area is also a topic that's close to our hearts. Dedicated to creating a home... Read more

Fire door

What are the different types of fire doors?

Fire safety has hit the headlines again recently, with fire services urging caution on plans to cut the bottoms off thousands of internal doors in an effort to improve airflow... Read more

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3 inspirational interior design trends that can improve your health

Interior design impacts our daily lives far more often than we care to realise. As people increase time spent indoors, whilst the typical British home steadily decreases in size to... Read more

uPVC window security

PAS 24 trade windows and doors will increase your sales, here’s 4 reasons why

Publicly Available Specification (AKA PAS 24) is a minimum security standard that doors and windows are tested to, put in place to encourage engineers to design windows and doors to... Read more