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The importance of having apprenticeship workers in every business

Rarely found in factory-based companies, the Shelforce business culture is firmly built on a passion to succeed through a strong commitment to maintaining a positive working attitude. Over the years, we’ve managed to do this by focusing on our employees’ inbuilt resilience and strength – successfully providing a stepping stone into employment for people with a wide range of disabilities across the Midlands. As we continue to grow, we want to instil a culture of continuous learning within our business model by providing high-quality apprenticeship opportunities in the near future.

Why is it important to employ apprenticeship level workers?

Employing apprenticeship level workers is important for Shelforce and other companies in the Midlands and throughout Britain. As a pro-apprenticeship company, we believe that employing apprenticeship level workers will significantly improve the prospect of Midlands businesses and British companies as a whole. An integral part of decisive business growth, research shows that the right people and skill are 10 times more important to expansion than access to finance. A company culture of learning and key skill development is a healthy one and one that, we think, should be applied by all socially aware industries. Addressing critical skills gaps and business efficiencies at Shelforce, we aim to teach all ages and backgrounds a trade by bringing on 5 new apprentices by the end of 2018. The team are currently working hard on developing a training room, specifically for this exciting new apprentice scheme.

Why is on-the-job training hugely beneficial to employees?

  • Gain job-specific skills
  • A practical alternative to university
  • Work alongside experienced staff
  • Earlier employment can allow for quicker career progression
  • Earn a wage and access holiday pay

Having worked hard to overcome preconceptions and prejudices over the last 179 years, we know better than most that those with disabilities have found it (and still find it) incredibly hard to gain access to the world of work. At Shelforce, we continue to break down these barriers. By implementing this latest talent development strategy, we hope to reach out to the local community further and open the door of opportunity to a route into a career of lifelong learning, development and wage growth.

Shelforce is a pro-apprenticeship company that believes in the importance of employing apprenticeship level workers. This not only benefits the company but also the individuals who are given the opportunity for employment and development. On-the-job training is hugely beneficial to employees, allowing them to gain job-specific skills, work alongside experienced staff, and access a wage and holiday pay. By breaking down barriers and providing employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities, Shelforce is committed to promoting a culture of learning and development within the Midlands and throughout Britain.

Our wonderful workforce is the diverse driving force behind our business, quite simply; without them, we wouldn’t exist! With equal opportunities and community spirit firmly ingrained in our legacy, it’s definitely an exciting time to get involved with Shelforce. Get in touch today.


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We have an impressive history which stretches back to 1839 when we were a workplace for the visually impaired.

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