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Specialising in top-notch doors for schools, ensuring safety, efficiency, and aesthetics in educational environments, we manufacture and supply doors that cater to school building projects with reliability and professionalism.

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Due to our close working relationship with Local Authorities, we are perfectly placed to supply and install doors in schools and other educational buildings. We prioritise safety and comfort and our product range, including fire doors and external doors that can handle high volumes of use, provides an ideal solution for any education environment.

If you are looking for the right doors for your next school building or refurbishment project, whilst meeting tight deadlines, you are in the right place.


Innovative composite doors for educational environments

Our durable composite doors and entrance doors combine style, durability, and affordability—perfectly suited for school settings. Built using advanced manufacturing techniques with high-performance reinforced GRP materials coupled with a high-density CFC-Free Polyurethane Foam core—they offer unmatched performance:

  • Over 40 colour finishes
  • High-security frames and multipoint locking systems
  • Low maintenance and superior weatherproofing

These features make our composite doors ideal not just aesthetically but functionally too, helping to reduce heat loss and increasing comfort levels in any learning environment.

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fire door

Reliable fire doors ensure safety compliance

Safety is paramount when it comes to educational institutions; hence our compliant Fireshel 30-minute fire, smoke, and security-resistant door, which ensures compliance and stops the spread of fire while providing enhanced security:

  • Compliant with the latest 2020 MHCLG Annex A recommendations.
  • Proven 30-minute fire resistance consistency from both sides many times to EN1634 -1, achieving 49 minutes of fire resistance.
  • Q Mark 170 Scheme 3rd Party Accredited.
  • PAS 024 Security tested for security compliance.

The Fireshel composite fire door utilises the FireFrame® dual fire, smoke and security-compliant fire door set solution from Winkhaus which includes the FD30 / FD60 FireFrame® outer frame, and the Winkhaus AV2 auto-locking multi-point door lock with optional access control, making it the perfect fire door solution for schools.

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Aluminium bi-folds and uPVC patio doors

If you require bi-fold doors or patio doors for any area of an educational facility, then we can also make sure you get what you want and, more importantly, the product you need for what will be high-traffic areas with plenty of footfall every day.

Our aluminium bi-fold doors are available in several tailored configurations, and this high-performance door system provides easy operation and effortlessly slides, folds and stacks with ease. Our high-quality uPVC sliding patio doors utilise all the modern benefits uPVC can offer, combining impressive slim visual profiles and clean sight lines.

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Grey uPVC sliding patio door

Specifying the right doors for your school project

Thanks to over three decades of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the right advice in terms of the best door type for the education sector and your school’s project. For fire doors, specifying the right door can be challenging. It is a legal requirement for fire door manufacturers to provide test evidence to show their product’s ability to resist fire and any fire door installed must have a Field of Application from the manufacturer and the fire door must also have third party accreditation. Schools also have regulations when it comes to safety glass and anywhere that is regularly used by large numbers of people that must be met and our surveyors and designers will ensure a thorough survey is carried out. Our experienced team have all the answers to the questions that you must ask to give you peace of mind.

Saving you money

We understand that saving money for Local Authorities when it comes to school-building projects is important. We can save you money thanks to our quality, quick lead times, delivery and price, meaning that the money saved can be reinvested elsewhere. To discuss your next school project, get in touch with our team today.

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A commitment beyond products: Social values at heart

Innovation through diversity lies at the very heart of what we do at Shelforce. 75% of our team have a disability and we received the Kings Awards for Enterprise in Promoting Opportunity (through social mobility) due to the diverse and inclusive recruitment, training and workplace initiatives we have in place. We also partner closely with schools and have developed a close relationship with Oscott Manor School in Birmingham, a community school catering to children with autism and offering regular work experience placements. When we supplied the windows and doors for Chivenor primary school, during our work experience programme, some of the children from the school even helped make the windows.

Do you have a question about our doors for schools?

Do you have questions about our doors and the service we provide for schools? We've got you covered! Below are some frequently asked questions to help you understand our products and services better.

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What types of doors does Shelforce offer for schools?

Shelforce provides a range of high-quality composite and fire doors tailored specifically for educational environments. Our composite doors combine durability, style, and security with low maintenance needs, while our FD30/FD60-rated fire doors ensure compliance with stringent fire safety standards. We can also provide aluminium bi-fold doors and uPVC patio doors if required.

How do Shelforce’s fire doors enhance school safety?

Our fire-resistant door sets are rigorously tested to meet EN 1634-1:2014 + A1:2018 standards, ensuring they can withstand fires up to 30 or 60 minutes. Equipped with Winkhaus AV2 auto-locking multi-point locks, these secure solutions also adhere to PAS24 security testing requirements.

Are custom designs available for the school's specific requirements?

Absolutely! We provide custom-made designs that fit unique specifications at competitive prices without compromising on quality or performance—ideal if your project demands specific shapes/colours aligning perfectly with the school’s existing aesthetics and colours.

Can Shelforce help with the school's specific requirements?

Yes, we have huge experience on what is the best door for any school project and our knowledgeable team will be able to answer all the questions you have to make sure you are specifying the right doors. Our ability to safely undertake work in this area also means you can be assured that pupils and staff can continue to use their buildings and ground while the work is undertaken.

How does Shelforce support social mobility through its workforce initiatives?

With a diverse team where over 75% of our staff have a disability, we provide an inclusive and diverse workplace where it’s about ability, not disability, and our workforce has been given the confidence to lead and produce high-quality products. We received the Kings Awards for Enterprise in Promoting Opportunity (through social mobility) as a result.

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